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Gay clubs in Connecticut (CT)

Gotham Citi Cafe   # - New Haven city, 130 Crown St, CT, (203)498-2484, - Gotham Citi Cafe is a cafe/ restaurant that is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm and transforms to a hot dance club ...

168 York   # - New Haven city, 168 York St, CT, (203)789-1915, - Located right in the heart of Yale University, 168 York is the trendiest club of its kind in Connecticut. Happy hour everyday from 4pm to ...

Bar   # - New Haven city, 254 Crown St, CT, (203)495-8924, - Every Tuesday at Bar night club,its gay night. From 9pm till midnight, come enjoy gay haven at this upscale club!

Bar 11 - Norwalk city, 11 Washington St, CT, (203) 831-8472, - Looking for an upbeat nightclub to hang out or party? Bar 11 deliver great visual and audio experience. All are welcome.

Chezest   # - Hartford city, 458 Wethersfield Ave, CT, - For over 30 years now, Chezest has been the best and biggest bar in Connecticut. Live entertainment, great music and all your favorites drinks at ...

CT Pride Center - Hartford city, 1841 Broad St, CT, (860)724-5542, - A center created with an aim of providing a safe and conducive atmosphere for all lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered and inter sex individuals. More details ...

Hartford Eagle - Hartford city, hosted at The Chez Est, CT, (860) 525-3243, - Monthly rubber/leather/fetish party. The party is hosted on the last Saturday of every month at club Chez Est. Details available on our website.

Next Door Cafe - Stamford city, 1990 W. Main Street, CT, (203) 727-448, - Special events for the gay/ lesbian community every Saturday. Fantastic music from the coolest Djs in town and lots discounts.

Northeast Ursamen   # - Hartford city, 168 York St, New Haven, CT, - An organization of bears that gathers members for educative purposes as well as promoting sane and safe practices. Come share ideas and experiences with like ...

O'Neills Brass Rail   # - New London, 52 Bank St, CT, (860)443-6203, - O'Neills Brass Rail is a cool luxury club for the gay/ lesbian community. The club is cool and trendy, always full of hip lifestyle people. ...

Partners   # - New Haven city, 365 Crown St, CT, (203)776-1014, - Only club partners is open throughout the week making it the most convenient joint in town. Enjoy happy hour, leather night or even a sexy ...

Rumble - Waterbury city, 7 Pheonix Avenue, CT, (203) 757-9665, - A nightclub that caters to the gay and lesbian community of Connecticut. Loads of entertainment packages like gay and lesbian nights.

The Polo Club   # - Hartford city, 678 Maple Ave, CT, (860)278-3333, - Bar with dancefloor and stage featuring live entertainment. Open Thurs-Sun. 8 pm till close...

Tisane - Hartford city, 537 Farmington Ave, CT, (860)523-5417, - A cool tea/coffee bar cum restaurant. There is a lounge for you to relax and an outside patio. The venue is strictly gay on Tuesday!

Triangles Cafe   # - Danbury city, 66 Sugar Hollow Rd, CT, (203)798-6996, - Triangles is a nice gay dance club with a cafe and a bar. Come play darts, pool and other fun games in the company of ...

Tuxedo Junction/iCon - Danbury city, 2 Ives St, CT, (914) 6109700, - Tuxedo is a great gay joint in Connecticut. Whether you are looking out for a casual date or a wild night out, Tuxedo Junction is ...

Twilight guard   # - Middletown, CT, - A network of bears and boys of leather in Connecticut and New York.The group aims at promoting positive practices and building of a good image ...

Vegas Blvd (Sunday) - Hartford city, 233 Sisson Ave, CT, (860)232-3749, - Sundays are special days for all gays in Hartford. Vegas Blvd hosts special gay party events. The place is very friendly, relaxing and charged with ...

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